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Well Stimulation. Meet SME-110. Price per MT Per Metric Ton275 Gallon ToteShipping Worldwide Overview Tech Specs How it works Download Privacy EOR - Enhanced Oil Production based on surfactant microemulsion The SME-110 is a surfactant microemulsion product that can be pumped with acid or without acid touching the product. Temperatures are restricted to below 180F or 82C.  This is also available in a Heat Resistant product SME-110H for temperatures up to 400F or 204C.  This product changes the wettability of the rock or formation from Oil Wet to Water Wet and can be used during both the Fracking and the Well Stimulation Process.  SME-110 and SME-110H are products that works ideally in oils ranging between 26 API to 70 API.   These products improve oil flows and are formulated to prevent paraffin build ups in well’s flow lines.   Packaging 275 gallons tote Weight 238 gallons (1 Metric Ton) per tote Order Minimum 1x 275 gallons tote (1 Metric Ton) Transport Not Regulated 1 Product Dilution It is pumped in Well Stimulation Programs at the Bull Head, with or without HCL, at 3 to 4 Gallons Per Thousand (GPT). 2 How to use it Mix SME-110 or SME-110H at 3 to 4 GPT directly into 2% to 3% True KCL (No Substitute KCL should ever be used). These products are to be pumped directly into the formation using the normal pumping methods used for Well Stimulation. Soak times range between 7 to 14 plus days at a minimum. Once the optimum Soaking Period has been met the well flow should only be opened to a maximum of Flow Rate of a 30% capacity for the next 2 months. The Flow Rate should gradually be opened to full flow over the next 2 months. This process will help insure, that the SME-110 and SM-110H stays working in the formation and is not passed out immediately during of the oil recovery process. 3 Important notes Note: In reviewing well stimulating programs always consider the review of the well’s core analysis data to understand each well’s Clay content within the formation. If Clay is found in the Formation, then a 2 to 3% KCL (Potassium Chloride) should be used as a dilution with the water volume to prevent most Clays from swelling and inhabiting the oil flows. In cases where high levels of Smectite are found in the well’s formation (Volumes Greater than 8%), then use our products are best used in conjunction with PHPA, or displaced with Nitrogen or CO2, during the stimulation process. Note: Each product above will change the formation’s rock from Oil Wet to Water Wet or are offered in specific products that will change the rock from Oil Wet to Water Wet SME-110 Documentation Download Brochures and SDS. SME-110 Brochure SME-110 Safety Data Sheet Delivery options When you order from our Store, you'll choose a shipping method at checkout. Your choice affects how long it takes for your order to be delivered. Note: Shipping is unavailable to PO boxes and shipping options vary by region. Track your shipment After check-out, depending by quantity of products ordered, a detailed delivery schedule will be sent to your email. After loading, also BOL and tracking code will be sent to your email. Split shipments Your order might be sent in more than one shipment so you get your items as they become available. AlphaZyme D-300 and FI1741 - Lab Test AlphaZyme D300 Lab Test performed at room temperature.
Dimension (L x W x H) 45 x 40 x 46 Inch
Weight 2205 Pound